Invincible Summer

by NJG

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ghost Wolves: One week of madness

Dear Readers,
Sunday evening found me frantic, having sketched hard all day (if there is such a thing) at work in preparation for Ghost Wolves: What one recluse can do in One Week of Insanity.
The show, which is actually more about misogyny and trauma in lesbian cultures, earned it's Insanity Tag after being moved from FEBRUARY to JANUARY at the last minute, leaving me ONE WEEK to compose an entire art show.
There are a few pieces left from my Veganopolis world of animals show which found their way into this, but mainly every single other thing was created this week between 8 a.m. and 3 a.m., my working hours.
Here is a BEFORE photo, in between work and Fresh Pot, having starved myself all day as i floated outside of my body, and now stopping at burgerville and feeling quite foul.

and , after hanging the show with Katie Greenhoot, a feeling of relief washes over me and i am less nasty.

you can see the show in it's entirety at the Fresh Pot on mississippi and shaver in North Portland.
The Reception is January 10th, Thursday, from 7-9 p.m.

Thank you and good night.

p.s. i was left to make small talk with beija all week, at times feeling her harsh judgement as i sang songs from The Sound of Music to keep my hopes up (ex: I Have Confidence In Sunshine! I Have Confidence In Rain. I Have Confidence That Spring Will Come Again, But Most of What You See is I Have Confidence In Me.)

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