Invincible Summer

by NJG

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save Bitch Magazine!

Dear Friends,
Too many excellent magazines have bitten the dust lately.
Kitchen Sink, Clamor, On Our Backs, and Punk Planet (just to name a few!).
What i wouldn't give to have Punk Planet back.
Well. I don't have a Quantum Leap remote control so i can't go back into Dan Sinker's body and change the past, BUT we can change things NOW and help Bitch Magazine put out their next issue. PLEASE! I mean, basically we're living in a time when Sarah Palin is... around and .... some people like her? It seems like no better time to have a feminist voice in the media. So. Support BITCH . I'm a contributor, you know. I sure do like them. If that counts for anything. And wow, what if somebody who was going to vote for Sarah Palin picked up a copy of BITCH on a fluke and read something amazing and was like "what am i doing?" and then didn't vote for her. Great.
Please repost this video and give them some money.
and after that, buy me lunch with Pee Wee Herman (see below).


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