Invincible Summer

by NJG

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Rabbits, Advice, and Bitch Blog!

Hi There.

1. I posted an easter rabbit on Etsy today:

This is Hutch. Last night as I was sewing Hutch i thought "Should he be holding a giant Easter Egg? What if he's holding a baby bunny that looks like an Easter egg????" , and this baby bunny was born.

My friend and Etsy aficionado Jenn is the one who suggested i start making rabbits around this time of year. I never knew how fun it could be. Hutch is the first in a small series of homemade rabbits (a divergence from my usual land of Sock Monkeys).

2. New Advice is Up:

3. The nicest nicest nicest "Love It" article on the Bitch Magazine Blog, in which they ask if the J in my names stands for "Just Lovely". Very kind.

p.s. Here are some more , very trippy shots of Hutch the Rabbit, using my very broken digital camera:

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