Invincible Summer

by NJG

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calendar Calendar Calendar!

Hi Friends.
If you live outside of Portland and can think of a place where you'd like to see the Invincible Summer 2010 Animal Odyssey Calendar , please email me with the name of the shop and the person to contact there.

I would like to reach further!

Thank you thank you.



sea said...

Therapy Stores are located throughout the SF Bay Area. Fun and funky. I don't know the shop owner(s), but it looks like you can friend them on Facebook and go from there... I think they'd be a great fit for your style. Good luck!

ccp said...

Chicago Comics; Women and Children First (of course); Quimby's; Renegade Handmade! xo, celia

Marie said...

hey, last calendar, way too small, previous calendars, okay size. is 10 calendar like 09 sized or 08 sized? i would even prefer an even larger than 08 size! that makes it more useful, dude.

Marie said...

what size is 10 calendar? cause i've got to say size of 09 calendar made it really nice ornamentally but completely useless practically. is 10 calendar 09 sized or 08 sized? bigger than 08 would be even better, then i could actually write stuff in it, dude.

Ask Nicole said...

Sorry to disappoint, Marie , but once again we're small this year! last year's size was a fluke, but actually worked so nicely for cubicle, kitchen, and above the desk that i'm keeping it tiny one more time.
HOWEVER, i will keep your comments in mind for 2011 and consider going larger.
Thank you thank you!

Ask Nicole said...

p.s. i wouldn't say that 5x7" was "practically useless"

Anonymous said...

Bluestockings in New York City would probably carry your calender. or

Marie said...
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Kimmie Cake Remix said...

OMG Nicole. Bluestockings totally wants to carry your calendar. I tried emailing you to carry it for 2009, but your inbox was fuuuuullllll. waaaah.

Please! get in touch with me!