Invincible Summer

by NJG

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here is what I would like to leave behind as we move into the next decade

I WISH I could perform surgery on certain feminist pop culture magazines (mainly Bust and Venus, which I really like to read) and take out the surplus of horrible horrible puns and play-on-saying type Titles (worst of the decade being this caption to a photo: "Jeepers Creepers, Look At Jenny Lewis's Peepers!").
.... but I know I can't.

In Lieu of this surgeon power, I would like to wish away the two most common , lazy and boring trends in reviews that I've seen this year:

I would like to officially leave behind writers who preface every vegan cookbook/restaurant review with some kind of disclaimer about how normally vegan food tastes Bad, goes on to say that this cookbook/restaurant's food tastes Good , and then concludes with some kind of saying about how EVEN your carnivorous friends will enjoy their meal.


I would also like to leave behind reviews of graphic novels or memoirs that start out by saying that there are a lot of graphic novels or memoirs.
"Seems like everyone's doing graphic novels nowadays" , that kind of thing.
Graphic novels have been coming out since the dawn of time, as have autobiographies and memoirs, so please don't discount each and every book by saying it's part of a trend.

There you have it. My Cathy-esque "Argh" of the decade.


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