Invincible Summer

by NJG

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Issues!

Hi Everyone,
Issue 17 is home from the printer, Issue 19 is at the printer,
and Issue 18 is almost there!
Everything is going to debut at the Portland Zine Symposium this year.

You can pre order issue 17 here.
Issues 17 & 18 are different than I anticipated last year when I looked into my crystal Zine ball.
Issue 17 includes diary days from my solo writer's retreat to the forest, an article on homorobics, recipes for salad rolls & a coffee chiller, a portrait of my bedroom, ranting about the weather, a comic about what life is like to be Wishbone, a spell to keep your house safe, some experimental comic "strips", and more!

Issue 18 is being compiled right now, but is looking like the student-friendlier of the two. It includes very simple diary comics drawn whilst doing comic workshops with elementary and middle school students this year. Topics include dogs , getting a new car, Beiber-obsessed middle school girls, and what it's like to try and become a babysitter as an adult.

I still have an interview with comic artist Alec Longstreth romping around in my files, but found I had so many diary comics and drawings from the past 2 years that I couldn't fit him into these issues.

If you are a subscriber, your final package will include issues 17 & 18, and the free comic book day comic Dope Flounder. If you haven't received your button &/or card yet, you'll be getting that too.

I'm hoping to get subscription packets out before the Symposium, but if not, then expect it soon thereafter.

Issue 19 (the 2010 split with Clutch) is not included in 2010 subscriptions, but I'll have it on Etsy after the Symposium.

2011 Subscriptions featuring the 2011 calendar, issues 17, 18 & 19 & Dope Flounder for $20.


p.s. Wishbone's back is back in action!