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Monday, March 7, 2011

Seniors React to Placenta as Food

So, some of my friends in San Francisco have something called Food Adventure Club.
They are shown above, marveling at an exotic and deadly fruit.

Food Adventure Club's motto is: Making your gastronomic dreams a reality.

They've eaten Durian Fruit, learned to make croissants and toured an oyster farm, to name a few.

Here's a snippet from their by-laws:

4. Adventures should be balanced to achieve harmony between difficult and benign adventures.
a. For example, simpler, gentler Adventures that have an emphasis on cohesion-building (ie canning fruits, visiting a beehive) should follow gross, controversial, or destructive activities (ie eating roast guinea pig, live octopus, or human placenta.)

Did you catch that last example? Human Placenta?
After one missed opportunity (possible formaldehyde exposure), this group of savvy individuals have chanced upon a (volunteered) human placenta to eat and also try as a supplement.

I do not live in San Francisco, and as you can see most of these adventures are far from the vegan realm, BUT I had placenta on my mind after a recent visit with a food adventurer.

I took this topic to the Senior Center where I volunteer, and asked our Zine Group if they'd ever heard of the practice of ingesting one's own placenta.

I wasn't trying to horrify , shock or disgust the old ladies. These are the same people who talk to me about buying "Brown Beef" (horse meat), eating "Hog Ball" (something from the inside of a hog's stomach) and roasting possum or squirrel for dinner as kids. Who knew they'd be squeamish!

Read on for their reactions.

(if you click twice, the comic will be large and legible)

If you'd like to know more about Food Adventure Club,
please visit their facebook page . You may also read recent articles about the "intrepid gastronauts" "pushing the boundaries" on Coca Cola Night here, via the post and courier Post and Courier.

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