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by NJG

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Senior Citizen Zine, Dog Comic

Thanks to everyone who came out to the library reading last night!
There should be a podcast of it up on the library's website soon.

I've got a skill that I'd like to share with you.
That skill is procrastinating really hard by burning up time on the internet.
Anytime you see a blog post by me, please be assured that it was never on my to-do list. Just a semi-productive diversion from whatever I was actually supposed to work on that day.

In line with that, here is a photo of a drawing I did for the IPRC once. Don't mind the rippy tape spot at the bottom. There were green heathered ringer shirts with this dude on them. I can't find mine for the life of me.

This photo is on this "Muss My Hair" blog.

Also- I have a few copies of the new "Tell It Like It Tiz" zine that we do with the seniors at the Marie Smith Center.
Snag one off Etsy if you like reading sassy conversations.

Also, Beija is now partially deaf. Did you know? Here's a comic about it that originally appeared in the online magazine Good Dog

. Now you do.

p.s. Wishbone can still hear.

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