Invincible Summer

by NJG

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye to Beija Georges

Hi everyone. Despite our best efforts, we lost Beija Georges this Tuesday, February 12th. There's really nothing I can say right now to properly express the loss.

And at the same time I am about to leave home on a month-long book tour.
Anyway, I'll see you out there (tour dates to the right, and at If you have a condolence card or would like to say something nice, you can send them to my PO Box:
PO Box 12763 Portland, OR 97212
Or make a donation in her name to Farm Sanctuary.
Take care, and hug your pets.

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Book Reviews by Chris said...

Sorry about Beija, Nicole. Jeez, it's been a while since this post... and jeez, NO other posts?? Come on, folks, let's get on the feedback wagon.