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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Senior Citizens Tell It Like It Tiz' & we just Kickstart it !

Hello, humans!

My friend Marc Parker and I have been visiting senior citizens in North Portland once a week, every week, for six and a half years. FOR FREE! For Fun!
We like them, they like/tolerate us, and we make a zine about them. The zine is called Tell It Like It Tiz', and it is made up of their stories, interviews, advice, art, and comics Marc and I have drawn about the our day to day interactions at the senior center.

After all this time, we've decided to make a book.
This project is supported by the Regional Art & Culture Council (RACC), which is lovely, validating, and so exciting, but now we seek YOUR support.
We need to raise $5000 to print & promote the book. If we exceed our goal, we will take it on the road to senior centers and libraries. 
If you have any interest in this project, or would like to pre-order the book, please do so via our Kickstarter.

We would love it if people could use this as a tool to pre-order the book, but if you'd like to give more we have some incentives for you that include (but are not limited to):
Lunch with Me & Marc, after which we make a custom zine for you about the experience,
Signed glamour shots of our most vocal and handsome senior citizens,
A Portland prize pack including Urban Cheesecraft Kits (vegan available), Zumba lessons with Pulse PDX,  & delicious Coffee,
or a custom drawing of you by myself and Marc Parker.

Consider it!
If you are horribly broke, like out-turned pockets broke, please do share this with someone who would appreciate it.

Thank you and thank you.


Nicole J. Georges

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