Invincible Summer

by NJG

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calendar Time, & CZF Buttons!

It's been a while. I'm here in Vermont, in the midst of watching Breaking Bad with Ponyo, and I have new calendars to show you!
I got the calendars printed at Brown Printing in Portland, and had my pet chicken Phyllis help me with some modeling while I was there. They are "Rubine Red", which looks like a hot hot pink! I'm attaching some photos below.

ALSO, I have a new intern!
Please welcome cartoonist Mathew New the NJG Inc. He is doing exhaustive work teaching Ponyo to jump through a hoop, photographing original art of cats in wigs, and writing copy about teams of Owlets and what they might want.

I'll post more later, but in the meantime, you can purchase a button of this lovely pug woman to benefit the Chicago Zine Fest, alongside work by John Porcellino, Suzy X, Lilli Carré, Neil Brideau & Ramsey Beyer. Okay okay okay, I have to go take a nap and watch more Breaking Bad. Get calendars and original art from my Etsy Page!!!! xox n.g.

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