Invincible Summer

by NJG

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pet Portraits, Wishbone, Zine Stuff & Tour

News, News, News!

1. All aboard for Holiday Pet Portraits!
Hi there.
Pet portrait slots are quickly filling up, and i still have a few left before the holidays! I know, i know, it's AUGUST! Right now i'm booked through September and almost through October, and then am going on tour for 2.5 weeks, so there is but a brief moment of time between the time i get back and Holiday Delivery time.

2. I updated my pet portrait website!

3. I am getting a tooth forged in GOLD! (a crown) (not a front tooth) (no diamonds or anything)

4. Officially, i'm going on tour with sts (of the Haggard, The Rock Camp, shemo, Cadallaca, Way down Low Zine) and Katy Davidson (of Dear Nora) in late October/early November. We'll be traversing the east coast. If you would like to host us at your school or library, please contact me! Also, we will be joined by Hilken Mancini (from Punk Rock Aerobics) and local Camper Bands at special stops on the trip.

5. Zine Symposium this week. Come and see me. I will be selling narwhales and zines. Get your book signed! If you want to sell your zine there, bring a blanket, a folding chair, or a cigarette girl box and walk around!

6. Wishbone got a hair cut.
Photos to come.

7. I hired an intern/assistant! I'm so excited!

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