Invincible Summer

by NJG

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twitter and Calendar

Hello there.
I'm working on the 2012 Invincible Summer Calendar now.

Also, I broke my pact with Kirk Read and joined Twitter.
You can keep track of when the calendar is ready for pre-order or order via twitter, or on here.

I had a long conversation with the writers and artists at the Radar Lab about the helpfulness of the It Gets Better Project.
Here is my It Gets Better comic that was in the Portland Mercury a few months ago.

I didn't realize until after it was published that in the end it looks like I turned out to be a tall butch. Not true. I'm the one with black hair in the last panel. My bad. Oh well, you can imagine that Jeb is the grown up me if it makes more sense.

Also, in case you wanted a virtual front row seat to the most excellent moment of my snorkeling life, Chris Vargas has edited our sea turtle encounter into this one minute, twenty four second video. Strap on your water socks and dive in!

Keep your eyes out for: Sea Fans, What I think is a school of Blue Tang Surgeonfish, and the for-real dorkiness that is snorkeling gear.

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