Invincible Summer

by NJG

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Georges Lands on the Moon, Gives advice .

1. As you may or may not know, I have started an advice column in my zine, Invincible Summer. The very first Ask Nicole questions were about getting sketchy men to notice you on the bus, and whether to wear a helmet whilst biking with a bouffant.

I like to give advice. Solicited or otherwise.
An advice column feels like the best way to channel my know-it-all tendencies,
and so,
i ask you- my blog reading friends,
to help fire up the fortress of wisdom by asking me some questions.
They can be real or hypothetical, and you will always be anonymous.
I will take questions about virtually anything,
sex, love, career, housekeeping, roommates, health, pets, etc.
but of course, no suicidal inquiries
(you'd be surprised. when radio and i were going to start an advice column :Ask Nicadio, somebody asked us if they should kill themself.
the answer is
always NO, but i don't want that heavy shit hanging over my head!).

I will publish the questions and answers weekly (at least) at
http://asknicolegeorges. blogspot. com
and select questions will be published in my zine that i will hopefully have done at the zine symposium.
if you want to ask me a question, you can myspace it to me, or email me at



My dear friends Harry and the Potters were in town last week and brought wizardly magic to Portland. Shown above, The DeGeorges on the Moon, (a photo by Nathan Backous) in which there is an invisible flag in my hand.
The Potter clan gave me some prizes to bestow upon girls at the Rock Camp, including post cards and temporary tattoos. I usually offer bribes (aka "Incentives") for the girls to read their work aloud at the end of our zine class, but have never experienced the kind of fever and open hostility and enthusiasm/competition that Harry Potter themed prizes inspired! I heard cries of "Unfair!" as i chose only five of the fifteen raised hands to read (after making them read my mind and pick a number between one and one hundred), and whispers in parsel-tongue from the girls who weren't chosen as their friends picked from the post card selection "give me the one of dumbledore rapping!" one girl cried in a hiss, "i need that tattoo because, you see, I LOVE harry potter!" another requested.
at the end of the day, i hope the girls weren't too mad with me for bringing what turned out to be piranha food into the gentle fish tank of girl-love and solidarity called Rock Camp.

3. My graphic novel is one step closer to reality! Details to follow.
4. is still in limbo. Oh brother.
5. I am co-curating an art show with Reading Frenzy's faithful proprietress Chloe Eudaly for August called Specular Preserves. We put together a showcase of some of our favorite women comic artists, most of whom started out (and many who still are) self-publishing their work. We chose this focus as a nod to the historic tradition of self-portraiture in women's art and because it provides a strong unifying theme to an otherwise diverse array of artists. Flier to follow.
* Alicia Justus
* Ariel Schrag
* Catherine Peach
* Cristy Road
* Fawn Gehweiler
* Fiona Smyth
* Gabrielle Bell
* Jen Sbragia
* Jessica Abel
* Julia Wertz
* Kalah Allen
* Kelly Froh
* Lilli Carre
* Liz Prince
* Nicole Georges
* Xtina Lamb

6. If such a thing is possible, my dog Wishbone's hair is getting LONGER! I must be feeding her too much nutrition. I'm going to switch her to vegan food for a couple of weeks and see if the hair recedes.

7. The Zine Symposium is around the corner and if i have my way (and don't have a nervous breakdown before-hand), there will be a new, limited edition Invincible Summer Issue 14 (the sister spit issue) , Issue 15 split with Clutch, and maybe, just maybe, a half issue 16/ 15.5! I'll try my best. Cross your fingers for me.

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