Invincible Summer

by NJG

Monday, July 28, 2008

i want to punch this girl in the face.

Dear Friends,
I have been on the phone with yahoo dot com all morning trying to win back my website.
I hate yahoo. I officially hate them. I hate that when you call, someone bellows YAHOO-OO-OOO! in your ear, and that you are then treated to forty five minutes of aggressive, pounding piano music before the shaky voice of a disempowered staff person is dispatched to foil you and make you wonder if anyone's ever actually killed themselves while on hold.
so. in the meantime. sells real estate , apparently, with the help of this blonde backpacked beast.

in the meantime, read my advice blog. it's a lot less aggressive.

UPDATE: AS OF 5:38 P.M., NICOLEJGEORGES.COM IS BACK ONLINE! HUZZAH! It makes me want to sing Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog..dun dun... He Was a good friend of mine... dun dun... somethin something something bout a word he said, but i sure did like his wine...joyyyy to the world. all the boys and girls. joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea. joy to you and me.

UPDATE: AS OF 5:52 P.M., still has the backpacked beast. but if you omit the www part, you somehow go to the right place. my land.

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