Invincible Summer

by NJG

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A List for This Week

1. wishbone is "not very present".

Somebody in the world used my blog to narc on one of my friends! Boooooo.

2. dinner with eileen myles (who once ran for president of the united states) .
at the end of which she told us a story about somebody walking out of the house whilst boiling dildoes (for sanitary reasons you can do this from time to time) and having them go up in flames. A photograph of charred black penises at the bottom of a kettle was shown to friends while the charr-er explained that the fire department was called and she was evicted from her apartment for the blackened dildo-ery.

3. nicole j. georges dot com is down.
alas. yahoo has repossessed my website. i have to buy my own name back. what in the world! Apparently when you sign up for a website and don't expect for it to expire for at least three years, you should write down whatever bogus yahoo address you made up for the specific transaction, so that three years later you aren't sitting on the phone for 45 minute stints on hold (afterwhich you drop your phone on the ground and get disconnected) and then failing to prove your identity and that truly you deserve to have this domain name back once connected with a Yahoo representative. (You feel you deserve it because it is Your Actual Name).
and so.
in the meantime.
the weak version of my website:

4. graphic? how Novel!
i am about to embark on a quest called Writing A Graphic Novel About The Twisted Tale Of The Doctor Laura Show. Maybe i will print the original story here for your perusal. Wish me luck!

5. heirloom tomatoes are back.

6. basil chili sauce is the number one thing you should spread all over your vegetarian shish kabobs this year before putting them to fire. this tip from Morgan at Dovetail Bakery, who blows my mind on a regular basis.

7. next week is the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls, at which i teach a zine workshop. did you know that i illustrated a book about the rock n roll camp for girls which JUST came out from Chronicle Books? Truly! You will note that i even have a representative from my land of drawings on the cover of the book, where she is shown playing the drums.


Ed Moorman said...

hello Nicole! my name is Ed Moorman and I've been trying to get ahold of you about a group project I'm doing, but I suspect your website-based e-mail went down along with your website. or I just don't have your e-mail.

could you please e-mail me at at gmail dot com or provide me with your e-mail here?
thanks! much appreciated.

Church of Craft Athens said...

I want Rcok N Roll Camp for Girl Adults. Can this happen? I still can't play very well. Send help, please.

Church of Craft Athens said...

that is Rock. I have a new keyboard and can't type.