Invincible Summer

by NJG

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Root Canal & Subscriptions

Hi Everyone.

1. I had a root canal yesterday, which was actually very fun because I have a nice dentist and my tooth was in such rough shape that anything was an improvement. Even having a dental dam over my propped-open mouth for an hour. The weirdest part was when curls of smoke came out of my tooth and the dentist and assistant said in unison: "Barbeque!".

In Other News:

2. Our spotted friend Rorschach is having surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts.

3. The Invincible Summer Calendar is going to the printer at the end of the month and will DEFINITELY feature:
1 unicorn
1 dalmation
1 terrier
1 cheetah
2 cows

These are potential subjects who have applied to be part of this year's calendar:
and orcas

If you order one now, you'll be the first to receive one and find out.
It will once again be small and in one color of ink.

4. ISSUE 16
Issue 16 is a split diary comic with Clutch, and came out this year at the Portland Zine Symposium. HOWEVER, being that Clutch and I were the editors, there were typos not only on the first page but also THE COVER, and so back to the drawing board it went, where it is being corrected and then sent to a printer so that we may have a thousand such copies , lovingly bound and printed in a nice color like green or red.
If you would like to pre order it, you can email me. Otherwise, sit tight and i'll let you know when it becomes available.

Some people have wondered aloud, Where Are Issues 14 and 15 of Invincible Summer?
Issue 14, the Sister Spit Diary issue, was never printed as a zine, only in Vol. II of the book. Issue 15 was a split with Clutch last year, but was a short run, as one of the people drawn yelled at me after seeing themself in there. HOWEVER, the sting has faded and we will be printing more soon.

Thanks for sitting through all of this and reading the gross part about the "Barbeque".

See you October 11th when I read with Sister Spit in Portland.

Until then, here is a video from Back Fence.

Nicole Georges at Back Fence PDX from Melissa Lion on Vimeo.



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