Invincible Summer

by NJG

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things I Will Trade For

Dear People,

If you have every looked at the pet portrait portion of my website, or wanted to commission a tattoo or a logo or personal drawing but didn't have all the funds, I want to tell you that there are things I would trade for.

- Coffee (free coffee from a place, or certain kinds of beans)
- Pet Sitting
- Ad Space (truly depends on the publication)
- Photocopies
- Dog Food
- Human Food
- Books
- Studio or Retreat Space
- Business Cards/ Postcards
- Dentistry

Maybe you work somewhere where you get these things for free.
Maybe you have your own business and need some design work.
Who knows.
Usually it ends up that we take the retail value of something and then deduct that from the price of your item.
This is how i had a year and a half of free bubble tea from Townshends (shown above).
I have also received a Trina CD, dog sitting, buttons, and some produce from deals like these.

Just saying.
In Case you have these things and you want to do a swap, email me!


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