Invincible Summer

by NJG

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beija and the Calendar

Good Day.
Things I want to tell you:

1. Calendars are here! I am about to bag them up for stores and stick them in envelopes for humans.

Here is a picture of every month's image. Just so you know.
Everything is (c) Nicole J. Georges. What a drag.

Secondly and more importantly,
here is a photo of Beija Georges, taken by Carli Davidson.

Image (c) Carli Davidson. Do not download.

Wonder who Carli Davidson is? WELL. She is an animal photographer (she has worked both with wild animals and pets).
One of her specialties, and my personal favorite, is her "Pets with Disabilities" project, which must be seen to be believed.
You will find on her page a photo of a chihuahua and his seeing eye pug.
With her permission I drew them for this year's calendar.
Look at her page! Get your pets over there! Get some prints!

That's all I'll say.

Did I post this yet?

It's the cover of a practice zine we did with students at the IPRC Comic Certificate Program.

I drew the picture. Jesse Reklaw did the lettering.

I think that's all I have to say. Since I am unabashedly procrastinating right now instead of finishing the final final edits for my book.

Do you know who Julie Klausner is? Check out her podcast.
She has saved me from a world of man-driven podcast listening.
It gets so hard to keep a giant block of salt in your mind in order to digest the comedy of the Adam Carolla podcast without consuming the horrible horrible politics.
Thank God for her.
And her beautiful hair.

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