Invincible Summer

by NJG

Friday, November 18, 2011

Interview, Camel Dog, Comics, Kitchen Nightmares

Hello! It is a swingin' Friday night here at not-a-little House, and I write you from a cup of coffee and some leftover curry at what has become the calendar shipping station, i.e. My Dining Room Table.

I had hoped to be watching Kitchen Nightmares at this point in the evening, but realized I already knew everything that would happen on the show (A restaurant is troubled, Gordon Ramsey tastes the food and says "disgusting" {possibly finds rodents, rotten meat or infestation of another kind}, Gordon Ramsay goes toe-to-toe with a man who is in charge of restaurant, both men bark, Gordon's changes almost don't happen, somebody walks out but is then talked into coming back, troubled restaurant man backs down, accepts changes, customers say "This Is Very Good!", restaurant is momentarily saved, everyone thanks Gordon, troubled restaurant owner swallows his pride and shaked Gordon's hand with his head down in an act of gratitude and submission, Gordon barks hopefully into the camera, show is over) so I decided to sit here and write a blog post instead.

Side Note: Have you seen the Febreze commercial in which people are blind folded, forced to smell rotten pork chops that have been sprayed with Febreze, then guess aloud that what they're smelling is a latte or "fresh wood"?
The big finish (which I'll spoil here) is when they take off their blindfolds and step back in disbelief that they are in a moldy kitchen and not a Latte Land*.

*KC ref.


1. Look at this dog.

2. I found out this dog existed while looking at the Facebook page of Wendi Mclendon-Covey, who has a photo war going on with her sister Shelley Mclendon, where they each post what they deem as horrifying photos, then tag each other in them.
Shelley was tagged in this photo.

Who is Wendi Mcclendon Covey? She was in Bridesmaids! She was on Reno 911! She and her sister told a story last night at Backfence about Shelley having a tail. It was a true story.

Here is a fan photo we took with Wendi, in which we all pretend to be old friends, all laughing at a great joke.


Here is an interview I did for the IPRC blog, with accomplished writer and current Certificate Program student Amy Souza,
in which I reveal that I work all the time.

Here is a drawing of some early 70s Italian Food I did:

Here is a dog at an Occupy Wall Street protest who looks A LOT like Wishbone.

And here is another Muttley Crue comic from Good Dog Magazine, featuring Wishbone, Beija, and Jeb all in the same place.

In real life this scene is accompanied by whining and tap dancing and happens every day of the week, not just on Saturdays.

Take care and good night,


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