Invincible Summer

by NJG

Monday, December 26, 2011

Party Birds! Crafty Wonderland Photos!

THIS was my favorite acquisition from Crafty Wonderland this year. A Party Bird! For only $5!

I recommend you check out this woman's Etsy shop , called Magpie Ethel, and get your own Christmas crafts to cheer up your life year-round.

And thank you to this very lovely lady, The Paper Mama, for posting photos & bits from Crafty Wonderland on her blog. I think she loved the party birds as much as I did.

I made ten pounds of garlic roasted brussel sprouts with "Jeb" yesterday, which was a very athletic activity. A lot of pan carrying, stirring, oven opening and closing, chopping, etc.
In the process, we ate too many brussel sprouts, which I did not know could happen to a person.

Also, do you ever play Pictionary? I LOVE IT. I make up my own words.

Hardest words from holiday Pictionary (meaning ones that we couldn't guess):
Inspiration (try drawing THAT!),
Irritable Bowl Syndrome (drawing included an angry person, & steaming pile of you know what) ,
Sesquicentennial (drawing included a sasquatch and a calendar, with lots of arrows).

I would like to nominate Chelsey Johnson for quite possibly the BEST Pictionary achievement, this being getting her team to guess the word(s) "Cultural Appropriation".
She drew a dude with a moustache & a flannel shirt.
Then drew Oregon, with a star on Portland.
This got her team to eventually yell "Hipster!" ,
THEN she drew a Native American headdress on him, and at the last
minute as the clock wound down, someone yelled "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!!!!!!!!!" .
It was a magnificent day for Pictionary players everywhere.

I hope you are relaxing this holiday Monday.
What did you eat? Did you get anything good?



Kelly said...

Oh wow, that's some great pictionary action.

NJG said...

Thank you! Another key stumper I forgot from this year was the word "Jubilee".

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Thanks for the party bird love...I do love those silly birds. Chirp!

NJG said...

I'd love a whole flock of my own some day!