Invincible Summer

by NJG

Friday, October 26, 2007

hello there

embroidery, 2006


from hobart pulp.

Bringing sexy back.

This is a panel from my would-be graphic novel.

in unrelated news:

Justin Timberlake's new album is so over-produced, I think anyone could have done his part and it would sound about the same. In particular, I could have.

Sadly, my plan of having my own timber-child was foiled, as i didn't have tickets to his portland show. more on this later.

Yoda's big day.

from the stumptown comics fest.
note the naked mole rat in the corner.

Gay Gardens

Dear Friends,

We watched Grey Gardens last night in bed with the sliding glass door cracked open to prevent mold inhalation. This movie was reccomended after I found out the mansion where i'm house-sitting is secretly nicknamed "Gay Gardens" for it's overgrown, dusty appeal.
To the left is the view from the drawing table.
I haven't done much drawing, as i've been sweating over the completion of a pet portrait that's been haunting me since july.

My sister is here , as well as Beija, Rorschach and Peeps B, the love bird. Don't move the poster on the fridge,
unless you want to breath in the spores of mold that live behind it.
I'm a little rusty at a public blog, so let's take it one day at a time.