Invincible Summer

by NJG

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pre-Orders, Advice, Crafty Wonderland, Open House & More!

Today is a big day, news-wise.
First of all, I have a giant crock of Beija food on the stove. Well that's not the big news, just an update.
Another update- I'm reading A Queer & Pleasant Danger by Kate Bornstein and it's terrific. Also she has a Harry Potter tattoo. Did you know?


1. PRE-ORDER Calling Dr. Laura by January 1st & GET A HAND-DRAWN BOOK PLATE sent right to your door. Click here for details about the book & how to pre-order. 
If you send me your receipt with address to CallingDrLaura at gmail , I will send you a book plate.
So Easy!
If you have a specific person you'd like it written to, please include that.

2. New Advice is up at Ask Nicole Georges.
 2.5 I want to do an illustrated advice column somewhere. But where?

3. I'll be at Crafty Wonderland this weekend selling calendars, prints, doilies and hand-made holiday cards. Check this out: if you come to my table, I will draw you a simple holiday card for $5. No, you can not use this opportunity to email me a photograph of your pet and get a 1000% discount on a pet portrait. You can, however, come say hello, tell me "I want a manatee wearing a Santa Hat that says 'Happy Festivus, Karl'", and I will draw it for you on a blank card on the spot and hand it to you.
As of now, these are in-person only.

4. December 15th I am having an Open Studio sale & open house!
It is December 15th from 2-7 p.m.
Come see where I draw things, look at original art, get bargain basement last-minute discounts on calendars and prints, and get one of those $5 Hand-Drawn Holiday Cards !
I will probably also have snacks. How could I not?

5. I am still booking a giant book tour for February and March with Cassie J. Sneider. Check it out, and if you'd like us to come and speak to your school or library, please contact us!

6. I have yet to send out all of the Thank You cards, calendars & drawings to people who so kindly donated to Beija. I am still catching up, and I promise I did not forget about you.
As an update: Beija is doing well. She is on some anti-cancer herbs, getting a homemade diet, and getting special cancer-dog privileges like extra pets and access to sleeping under the covers in the human bed. 

Okay, I think that's it.
Take care and thank you so much,