Invincible Summer

by NJG

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll be at the HMB

Handmade Bazaar is pleased to announce the return of Winter Handmade Bazaar!

Handmade Bazaar

Sunday, December 12th

at: Mississippi Studios
3939 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR.

sale runs from 11am - 4pm

Featuring 50 local crafters! Fun, food + music. Come support local arts
and crafts and buy handmade for the holidays!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Exotic Pets!

Hi Friends.

I just saw photos of the face of Charla Nash. She was the woman who was attacked by Travis the chimp earlier this year. She lost her eyes, nose, hands, and upper jaw in the attack.

Please don't support exotic animals as pets or performers!
They don't want to be in your house wearing a diaper, they want to be in the wild!

Please extinguish all romanticism of chimp motherhood or of owning your own talking parrot. If you're feeling that maternal , just adopt a human child. Or better yet, get a special needs dog!

Here is Jane Goodall's response to the travis attack.
If you're in Portland, please visit the Macaw Landing Foundation for a bit of reality on the plight of parrots as pets and the human impact on their rain forest homes.
Lastly, let us not forget the Siegfried and Roy incident.

For a story on the photo above, click here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions Received at Keep Portland Weird Fest

I was an asked to do an advice table at the library's Keep Portland Weird Fest last weekend. I may do a comic about it in the future, but for now, here is a list of questions I received, as well as a comic by one of them, which I found online the next day.

Please note that children were apt to ask me questions not related to advice, but to facts like "What is the longest word in the dictionary?", and adults often mistook me for a psychic. Men tried to challenge my "America's Smartest Girl" title, and/or told me I looked pretty before assuring me they weren't being creepy, just telling me.

*******Here they are, 37 quandaries from Portland, Oregon:***********************

Will I find love in the next 3 months?

My hampster died, should I get a new one?

Why did Abraham Lincoln try to save America?

How do I meed Conservative women, as an Atheist?

Does this guy at school like me?

How many days are in a year, because I forget.

Should I leave my job in late December or early January?

My roommate's cat has pneumonia, what can we do to make her comfortable while she finished her antibiotics?

Should I get another dog?

Should we get a new car?

What is the meaning of life?

What should I give my wife for Christmas?

Should I go to Cuba to go to medical school for free?

Should I join the military to pay for school?

My baby waked up 10-15 times per night, what can we do?

Should I meet a guy that I've been talking to on the internet?

My friend keeps meeting guys who just use her. She wants a boyfriend. How can I help her?

What kind of birthday party should I have?

(getting mistaken for a psychic): Should I do the move I've been thinking of?

Is it more important to do something or to have people approve of what you do?

What's the meaning of life (x2)?

How to know yourself?

What's the longest word in the dictionary?

What do you do after you squash a bug?

How many seconds are in 5 weeks?

Should I go to California for my birthday?

What hairstyle should I have?

How do I get women to like me?

How do I make friends in Portland ? (x3)

What can I do for my mentally ill neice?

What makes Portland Weird?

Where is the best place for candy?

How do I find investors for my children's book project?

My girlfriend likes to stare at me. How do I handle this?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Greetings from Beaverton

This is a view from my Craftypalooza table,
where we sat with calendars, prints, mini-prints, cards, buttons, narwhals and used cds.

These dudes are still up for adoption.

Get them while they're room temperature!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Updates from Little House

Here is your update from Little House Studios, a.k.a. Spinster Summer Headquarters, a.k.a. my residence and place of work:

A new narwhal has been introduced into the fold. He looks really really friendly and nice. You can take him home via my etsy page. I am hoping to make a small fleet of narwhals for the upcoming Craftypalooza this weekend in Beaverton. Go Beaverton!

In Other News,
Beija Georges got into the remaining Halloween candy. I followed the trail of punctured Nerds boxes to a small nest in my bed made up of foil wrappers and dog toys.
I will post this potentially embarrassing photo of my dog as punishment for her crimes:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guest Appearing in Jesse Reklaw's diary

I think you can click on these to make them larger.

Check out more of jesse's work here.