Invincible Summer

by NJG

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Going On

Hello People!

1. We moved!

The dogs & I moved into a much larger house (compared to my Little House, which rang in at 596 square feet). It is not the house shown here.

2. Keep your eyes out for my short "It Gets Better" comic in this week's Pride Edition of the Portland Mercury.

3. I'm drawing a comic about the great Vanport flood for the Dill Pickle Club.

4. I'm also working on this year's split with Clutch.

5. I've started wearing a weird orthopedic mitt on my drawing hand, called a Wrist-O-Prene. Drawing to follow.
Here's a photo while you wait.

6. Am so close to the graphic novel finish line.

7. Am conceptualizing a podcast. Stay tuned.

8. I'm teaching at the IPRC's Comic Certification Program this summer and fall. Check it out, aspiring cartoonists!

9. Please be a fan of my Invincible Summer page on Facebook! Much better than strangers personally befriending my on there!

10. Submit submit submit to the BAD ROOMMATE ZINE by July 1st!
And if you're lively, stop by the Bad Roommate Storytelling Night at Mississippi Pizza July 2nd. Here's the info:

Hosted by Nicole J. Georges with special
guest cohost and longtime cohabitator STS.
Kirsten Kuppenbender
Laura Moulton
Diane Gasperin
Lisa Koluvek
Cooper Lee Bombardier
Erin Fairchild
and more TBA.

with a chance to tell your own bad roommate story
Open Mic
a contest for the worst tale of cohabitation.

This is your last chance to submit your story for publication in the Bad Roommate Zine!

$5, promptly at 9p.m.

Take Care!


p.s. Here's a cell phone picture of my new cattoo, done by the tattooing genius Dan Gilsdorf.

Dan will soon be in San Francisco, so lucky you, go and get something nice from him.

p.p.s. Do you like Light Rock? Then perhaps you will enjoy California Lite, by the very near & dear Katy Davidson with her band Key Losers! You can listen to it here for free (I think), and then buy it on your own.