Invincible Summer

by NJG

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sad sad sad sad sad sad news

Dear friend, brilliant cartoonist, and beautiful human being Catherine Peach has passed away.

Catherine was a Homorobics regular, purveyor of Unicorn smut, most treasured clothing-exchange-party guest, and was working on a graphic memoir about having a rare brain tumor at the time of her passing.

She will be dearly missed.

Catherine Peach, Homorobics poster girl, shown here with Erin Wiser.

I Have A Tumblr. Hold for applause.

Hello friends.
I have more news for you.
I am stepping into 2007 and having a Tumblr.
You can access it here to see my 2014 Hourly Comics Day diaries.

Please do the things that you do with Tumblr,
liking or sharing or reblogging. You know.
I am not being purposely dense here (like people who call it "The interwebs"), or fake-techphobic,
I genuinely am just getting a hang of Tumblr.