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by NJG

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2013 Calendar now available for Pre-Order!

 Hello! Well, while I sat around nervously waiting for news on my sweet dog's surgery today, I got a lot of scanning done and am almost finished laying out this year's calendar. Which means that it is now available for Pre-Order.
The calendar should be home from the printer the first week of November.
I will be premiering it at the Short Run comics festival in Seattle.

This is a limited edition. Last year I sold out by the end of December, so I do recommend pre-ordering if you can. They will be printed in a different color of ink- not black and white. I haven't decided what color yet, but I am leaning towards a dark red/mauve or green.

This year's calendar features:

2 Ornamental Chickens
1 parakeet
1 mouse holding a medal
1 boar piglet
2 French Bulldogs who could pass for Boston Terriers
1 Lil Bub
1 Joey
1 Baby Wallabee
1 Leaping deer
1 Painted sloth
9 Whales helping each other
1 Forlorn monkey
1 Masked Sharpei

Here is the link to more info on the calendars, and the official pre-order place. 

If you click the link and it says "Sold Out", just wait a little bit & click again, or tweet at me @nicolejgeorges and I will renew it a.s.a.p.

I think that's all.

Thank you very much, and for continued calendar customers and stores, thank you for your patience.
My deadlines have all been torn asunder by the recent dog health calamity, but I'm getting back on track.



Pupdate: Grouchy B is Coming Home

LIVE PUPDATE: Beija G. went in for a CT scan and Excisional Biopsy today, and both went well. She even gets to come home tonight. It's a long story that involved decisions regarding giant margins, muscle and bone, but basically I decided to have her tumor taken out via this Biopsy and then we will deal with the remaining
cancer cells with cancer-fighting herbs and see how that goes.
Over the past three weeks we have seen four different veterinarians, including a surgeon, a dog cardiologist, a normal vet and a holistic vet. During her surgery she also had an oncologist around for a fifth opinion.
All of these appointments, the surgery, and the opportunity to have an informed decision based on tests and the advice of specialists was all thanks to the generous donations of friends, readers, and complete strangers who just happened to want to help a small grouchy dog continue her life with me.
(This is not a post-op photo, btw. It's a couple of years ago.)

I haven't picked her up from the vet yet, but it seems like she can go home tonight, the same day as her surgery. I am over the moon that Beija got through the surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Thank you again. I know I already said it, but thank you again.


Nicole J. Georges

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Confidential note to the lady at PNBA who said she reads this blog and asked about Beija.
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For everyone else:
I went to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Trade Show in Tacoma this weekend and gave a short talk at their Celebration of Authors. Everyone I met there was really nice.  I know that sounds like a weird blanket statement, but literally every person I met there was nice. Not to mention, many of them reminded me of my sweet boss from In Other Words, Sue Burns. What's not to like about that?

Anyway, Thanks for being so nice, and I look forward to visiting your bookshops next year!

Thank you to Lagusta

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Lagusta at Lagusta's Luscious offered free delicious vegan chocolates to anyone who donated $100 or more to my sweet dog's health fund. She helped raise $1500 for Beija's medical costs, which is giant.
People were so generous and kind and we truly truly appreciate it.


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