Invincible Summer

by NJG

Sunday, March 29, 2009

McClungs, Radar LAB, Sister Spit European Vacation

1. Born With a Tale
There is a Profile of me featured in the recent issue of McClungs, a Canadian Feminist Magazine

2. I was chosen for a Radar LAB Residency in Mexico this summer!

A huge honor, and actual sunlight!

RADAR Productions is a San Francisco-based non-profit that produces literary happenings around the Bay Area and beyond. Founded by queer writer and spoken word performer Michelle Tea, RADAR produces the monthly RADAR Reading Series at the San Francisco Public Library.
RADAR produces creative literary events each June as part of The National Queer Arts Festival (SF), and in 2009 will launch radarLAB, an annual writers' retreat for individuals in the process of completing a book.

3. This September, I'll be going on a European Sister Spit Tour with Michelle Tea, Rhiannon Argo, Cristy Road, and more!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Roommates

Wishbone Georges, age ten (+/-), terrier/crested/dachshund mix

Beija Georges, age twelve, corgi/beagle/sharpei

If you ever wonder whose hair is in your order, look no further.

New Sock Monkeys up on Etsy

Get them before they're gone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Rabbits, Advice, and Bitch Blog!

Hi There.

1. I posted an easter rabbit on Etsy today:

This is Hutch. Last night as I was sewing Hutch i thought "Should he be holding a giant Easter Egg? What if he's holding a baby bunny that looks like an Easter egg????" , and this baby bunny was born.

My friend and Etsy aficionado Jenn is the one who suggested i start making rabbits around this time of year. I never knew how fun it could be. Hutch is the first in a small series of homemade rabbits (a divergence from my usual land of Sock Monkeys).

2. New Advice is Up:

3. The nicest nicest nicest "Love It" article on the Bitch Magazine Blog, in which they ask if the J in my names stands for "Just Lovely". Very kind.

p.s. Here are some more , very trippy shots of Hutch the Rabbit, using my very broken digital camera:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Publishers Weekly , Movie Poster & Vampire Rules

Check it out. Some press on the new book in Publishers Weekly, complete with a very kind quote from Alison Bechdel.

Here is a poster I made for a film by Gary Huggins, of Kansas City:

And this is a drawing of Dare Wright, as a vampire, for a new zine by Ethan Swan called Vampire Rules.

(ordering information on Vampire Rules to come!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lexington Club Art Show Photos

Hi There.
I have just returned from a trip to San Francisco, in which I read at K'vetch, had an art show at the Lexington Club, and took a tour of the GLBT Historical Society.

A very gay trip in all.

At the GLBT Historical Society I got choked up reading the testimonials of senior citizens involved in the Lavender Scrolls Project . I live in a very privileged space and time, and was feel very grateful after reading the stories of people who had to live in the closet for most of their lives.

Click on these images to see larger, readable versions of the scrolls.

Before the GLBT Historical Society, I read at K'vetch.

K'vetch is a Queer Open Mic night held at Eros, the gay man bath house. I wore a towel and read in their lobby with Yirko Sale. I gave live rapid-fire advice and read about the Dr. Laura Show while Kirk Read clicked through my power point presentation.
I wore a cardigan over my towel.

Next are photos from the MONTECORE reception at the Lexington Club, March 3rd.
The Lexington Club is San Francisco's longest standing Lesbian Bar, and I felt honored to have my work on their hallowed and historic walls.

Montecore is a work in progress, and is about Narcissism in Love.
This show also had work from the 2009 Queer Animal Calendar, as well as a couple of pieces from Ghost Wolves.

Email me for information on purchasing originals or prints from this show.

I was helped Hugely on this trip by my sister Kristi, Leila & Ariel at the Lex, Tara and Kirk; who drove me around, let me stay at their house, helped me hang the show, and hosted the reading respectively . Thank you.
And to Kirk i promise: Never Twitter.