Invincible Summer

by NJG

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

from the Femme Coloring Book

coloring book available here;

Tight Game, part I

from stumptown comics festival in 2007, in which i imagine that in order to eat the last cupcake, marc would touch it with his weiner. i found this so hilarious that i started laughing and coffee came out of my nose and ran down my face, right in time for a cute girl to walk up to our table.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


this morning my mom called and woke me up to give me her review of Lord of the Rings.

"remember that part where Gandalf was driving away the devil with the power of christ?"

"no mom, that was a wizards septor i think..."

"no, then the light of christ overtook him... oh nickie, it was all straight out of the book of revelations!"

on and on and on.

An Ode to Queer Animals Among Us.

last week my mother offered me $100 if i would look at a youtube video she'd sent me via email.
At first i told her i'd thrown it away, thinking it was right-wing-propagandha. she assured me it was not that, and was, in fact, "Hilarious, Nickie!"
wanting a hundred dollars,
i retrieved said video from my trash folder and watched it.

The email started
"A hard look at where we are headed today! What is this world coming to?"

And attached was the video (see below). It was a humorous country song in the vein of "i'm my own grandpa" or jeff foxworthy, and basically, the theme was

Homosexuality is Unnatural. Just Look At The Animal Kingdom.

the main character begins by sitting on the couch watchin' t.v. and seeing something about a wedding.
but something was wrong! (wait for it...)
the wedding photos showed only ......two GROOMS!
this caused him to look to the barn for answers.

the video enforced that if chickens were gay there'd be no eggs (not true) , on and on.

"two mares can't make a stallion, two bulls can't make a cow,
it takes a male and female to make the species go on,
there'll be no reproduction if the plumbin' is all wrong."

oh brother!

Hi Mom, D, & L,

That video is really offensive.

there are gay animals:

attached is a photo of two gay animals, one of which is your DAUGHTER!

after receiving only chuckling responses from all parties ("there must be something in the water"), I started investigating gay animals further and found out there is an amazing list from which to choose!
take a look!

And so, in response to all of this, the 2009 Invincible Summer calendar will be dedicated to the queer animal kingdom. all clean, like usual, sometimes romantic.

I can't wait!


p.s. if you would like to see the video my mom sent me, you can look here:

from our trip to the vineyards of colorado

Outside of the Rehearsal Dinner

One of us is feeling a little stressed out.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Grand Junction Transmission

Dear Friends,
I write to you from Beautiful Grand Junction Colorado!
I am here for a wedding with my nice friend, Carrot, and have found a coffeeshop and some shade to hide behind, as i am not used to this very intense sunshine! I think that Portland really gives me a different idea of what a sunny day is. Yesterday we were pointing at the sun and saying "look, look! it looks like a picture of the sun!" "It even has rays coming off of it!"

It's been a long winter.

In other news, I definitely did hit myself in the face with the car door last night as i was signaling my arrival at a chinese food restaurant, saying "Well, I guess If You're A Beggar, You Can't Be A Chooser, right?" (in response to their unappealing $10.50 dinner buffet) then WACK!, the corner of the door hit square in the bridge of my glasses, knocking them askew and cutting a tiny slice out of my nose.

We wrapped ice in a napkin and held it up to my face, speaking from behind it as the very speedy and unphased waitress plowed through my tears, inquiring to my drink preference before circling my order on the paper menu and speed-walking to the kitchen to investigate whether or not they had my exotic and preferred food, "Broccoli".
In fact they did. and the broccoli was excellent. and we had a nice time with brown sauce and tall glasses of water, with Carrot exclaiming
"This is so salty!" every couple of minutes. And "I taste MSG."

note: did not stop her from eating almost all of said Broccoli.

This was the second time on the trip that i put my forehead on my arms and breathed deep breaths. The first being after we got off the plane and realized, after waiting in the long car rental line, that my credit card was $5.00 short of the amount needed to check out our car. I tried to joke with Will, our Rental Representative:
n:Can I Just GIVE You The Five Dollars?
w: we accept credit or debit cards only.
n: Hmm. Well, maybe we could work it off. Like, if anyone who works here needs a ride somewhere or something, we could like, drop them off?
w: That's not the industry that we are in.
n: could i wash dishes or something?
w: what i need from you is a credit card confirmation.
(this was will shooting me down, refusing to smile at my very lame jokes)
n: Look Will, you gotta work with me here. I don't actually expect you to let me do any of these things, I just need you to humor me for a minute because i've been up since four a.m. and this is really stressful and i'm just trying to lighten things up a little bit.
w: i'm not stressed.

then i put my head in my arms and waited on the phone to see if there was perhaps a credit card representative i could blow in order to reserve my rental car.

in the end, i wore Will down and extracted a few one-liners from him, and we drove into the sunshine, tired and ready to see these giant "Mesas" and lots of sand.

I am staying at the Historic Hotel Melrose, located on Colorado street, where you will find much paisley wallpaper, dark and dirty carpet, and beautiful victorian architecture.
More updates to come.
In our next episode:
Extended Family Discomfort?
A Wedding!
Read as our hero enters Grand Junction's one and only gaybar!
Potential gaybashing or gender confusion!
Doing Homorobics in our tiny hotel room!
and more!

Yours Truly,
nicole j. georges.