Invincible Summer

by NJG

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Newest Pet Portrait

I'm sending off my portrait of Lucky , the super special rescue poodle, today. It's been nice to have her around the house!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newly added I.S. clothes to Etsy!

I gocco printed many shirts and underpants (and a few dresses) for the Zine Symposium this year. With the help of my new assistant friend Harlan, and my lovely model Morgan, I have listed the remaining garments in my etsy shop Etsy shop , and is reasonably priced. Everything's between $8 and $20.

Take a look!

Here is a behind the scenes with the Etsy models, both of whom have trained extensively at ANTM University under none other than Tyra Banks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank You

Thank You to everyone who came to my table at the Zine Symposium. Here is a photo of me taken Saturday night whilst making noodles. A little wrinkled, a little ragged and rough around the edges. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Palo Verde 8/30/08

I'm singing with Palo Verde this Saturday, August 30th at Dantes. They are playing with a band called Jucifer.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Buy me a Gothic Lolita Dress

I'm going to try and make this blog mainly News bits and sketchbook entries pretty soon, but until then, i wanted you to know that i found something new on blogspot, which is that they will let you create a "wishlist" by googling products that you want,
and then people who read your blog can, i guess, Grant your Wish by buying you one of those things?
I mean honestly, you're granting my wish by reading this at all.
But if you feel like you want to give just a little bit more,
you can go to my wishlist:

and buy me a room sweeping robot or a tiny tophat with special netting.

Happy wish granting!
I'll see you at the zine symposium!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Hoodies, Messenger Bags, and Prints

Hi there.

I just started a cafe press store.

http://www. cafepress. com/nicolejgeorges

i know it's a little cheesy, a little expensive, but i'm checking it out.
because until i marry somebody with screen printing knowledge, you will have to put up with my
tiny gocco printed artifacts.

if you want something bigger, i have tote bags, messenger bags, and lots of shirts with this owl on them.
Buy one! Tell somebody you want it for your birthday!
I'd buy one.

thank you for your support.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pet Portraits, Wishbone, Zine Stuff & Tour

News, News, News!

1. All aboard for Holiday Pet Portraits!
Hi there.
Pet portrait slots are quickly filling up, and i still have a few left before the holidays! I know, i know, it's AUGUST! Right now i'm booked through September and almost through October, and then am going on tour for 2.5 weeks, so there is but a brief moment of time between the time i get back and Holiday Delivery time.

2. I updated my pet portrait website!

3. I am getting a tooth forged in GOLD! (a crown) (not a front tooth) (no diamonds or anything)

4. Officially, i'm going on tour with sts (of the Haggard, The Rock Camp, shemo, Cadallaca, Way down Low Zine) and Katy Davidson (of Dear Nora) in late October/early November. We'll be traversing the east coast. If you would like to host us at your school or library, please contact me! Also, we will be joined by Hilken Mancini (from Punk Rock Aerobics) and local Camper Bands at special stops on the trip.

5. Zine Symposium this week. Come and see me. I will be selling narwhales and zines. Get your book signed! If you want to sell your zine there, bring a blanket, a folding chair, or a cigarette girl box and walk around!

6. Wishbone got a hair cut.
Photos to come.

7. I hired an intern/assistant! I'm so excited!