Invincible Summer

by NJG

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hi everyone! Nicole's intern here, with some hard hitting Nicole Georges news straight from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction! So much stuff going on, we here at NJG Inc. can barely keep on top of it.

Nicole strikes a Dan Clowes pose for the CCS 2014 Facebook

First up, gee whiz, look at all the end of the year attention Calling Dr. Laura is getting!

It was in the running for Best Graphic Novel of the Year over at Goodreads! named it one of their Ten Unforgettable Graphic Novels of 2013, calling it "idiosyncratic and adorable" while packing "a surprising emotional wallop!"

And Pop Candy lists it over on USA Today as one of 2013's Best Graphic Novels!

Wow! Ol' NJG is really hitting the big times. But that's not all the news! No way, there's more!

Nicole has a comic in Northwest Press's new QU33R Anthology!

Edited by Ignatz-winner Rob Kirby, it features 241 pages (wow!) of new comics from 33 legendary and new queer cartoonists, and it is now available for pre-order!

Also! Don't forget Lil Bub's Lil Book is now available to order! Nicole got her copy in the mail just yesterday, and it looks great! Not to mention there's some Lil Bub fan art by Nicole herself in there!

Good job Nicole! Good job Bub!

And one last thing! It's time for the 2013 Cartoonist Studio Prize, sponsored by the Center for Cartoon Studies and Slate!

Click here for more info
 and how to submit your graphic novel or webcomic for consideration!

That's it for now, folks! I'm not even getting paid to say all these nice things! Really! It's something Nicole and I should probably talk about actually.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calendar Time, & CZF Buttons!

It's been a while. I'm here in Vermont, in the midst of watching Breaking Bad with Ponyo, and I have new calendars to show you!
I got the calendars printed at Brown Printing in Portland, and had my pet chicken Phyllis help me with some modeling while I was there. They are "Rubine Red", which looks like a hot hot pink! I'm attaching some photos below.

ALSO, I have a new intern!
Please welcome cartoonist Mathew New the NJG Inc. He is doing exhaustive work teaching Ponyo to jump through a hoop, photographing original art of cats in wigs, and writing copy about teams of Owlets and what they might want.

I'll post more later, but in the meantime, you can purchase a button of this lovely pug woman to benefit the Chicago Zine Fest, alongside work by John Porcellino, Suzy X, Lilli Carré, Neil Brideau & Ramsey Beyer. Okay okay okay, I have to go take a nap and watch more Breaking Bad. Get calendars and original art from my Etsy Page!!!! xox n.g.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vermont, SPX, Lil BUB, Tell It Like It Tiz!

Hello Friends!
I have some tidbits of news and business for your reading pleasure:

1. I have packed up my autographed photo of Lassie and moved across the country to teach a senior thesis class and work on comics as the Fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.

Seen here:
Ponyo enjoys water out of her new, East Coast "Chowder" dish.

2. I will be at SPX (the Small Press Expo) for the first time in my entire LIFE next weekend.
Find me & "Calling Dr. Laura" at the table belonging to Tugboat Press & Alec Longstreth.

3. Tell It Like It Tiz!, the book about my time with senior citizens at Portland's Marie Smith Center, is out now. You can order it through my Etsy store.

4. Lil BUB, the only internet cat for me, put out a book, and I am in it! I did some fan art of BUB and it has graciously been included in this collection. Go get it. It's not like you'll be sorry you have this book around, am I right?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Original sketches and illustrations for SALE.

Hello! I am leaving for Vermont soon, and thus am clearing out some illustrations and sketches from my archive hoard. Please check them out! They are everywhere from $40-$450.
I have about 15 up right now, but I'll be posting about 40 more over the next week or so. I may also post weird bric-a-brac from my personal collection as I clear things out.


Monday, June 17, 2013

A note about Tell It Like It Tiz, my book with senior citizens.

     When we first started going to the Marie Smith Center, I had no strong connection to the seniors in my life besides our mutual appreciation for orthopedic footwear. My own grandfather experiences consisted of him yelling
at me to speak up, telling me to find a man with clean fingernails, and saying that Gone With The Wind and The Bible were the only books I needed to read.Walking into the Marie Smith Center in North Portland, I realized I had no idea how to even speak to old people. My first day there was during a music therapy hour with a woman singing slowly "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." to a room full of her elders. Let's just say, I started stiffly. Politely. Loudly.

I came in with a combination of zine teaching experience and a love of The Duplex Planet under my belt. I brought in stacks of zines and comics and tried to talk to the participants about the joys of self publishing.

I soon discovered they did not give a shit in hearing about self publishing, but they were interested in these curious young people who came in week after week with weird questions and funny hair styles and pet chickens. We went on vacations and brought them back souvenirs, we asked them for advice, and we accepted loads of hard candy from our new friends. We documented each day on computer paper from the front desk, and after a while pasted together a small zine whose title was based on the tag line of participant Malcolm: "Tell It Like It Tiz'."
((Malcolm was a famous jazz drummer who would refer to people as "cats" in his stories and punctuate each tale with "I Tell It Like It Tiz. Like it T-I-Z!".))

When we brought in the zine for the first time, with the participants faces and life stories reflected back at them, there was a moment of curiosity, some skepticism, and then deep pride (that we observed) as each person discovered their own contributions and life stories had been appreciated. Had been listened to, written down, and produced as this small book. Something they could give to their friends and families. Senior stars were born!

After the first issue, the group really got rolling. The main players, the people who were there each week, got super invested. Donald would shepard new people into zine culture when they were wheeled or walked up to our table. He would explain what a zine was, and proudly show them our project. He would even gently interview newcomers for our benefit. Miss Bee came dutifully every Friday, getting walked over with her latest beading or sewing project. She gave us beaded necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and when Marc was trying to quit smoking, she rode his ass and brought him jars of peanuts to put in his mouth instead.

She will sometimes mention that she is grateful to have her stories put down on paper because she cannot write, but she appreciates our "beautiful hands" and is finally being appreciated on paper for the years she has lived through, and the years she has given to other people. I'm happy to do that for her. I'm happy to have these people as my friends, and as my surrogate family. We visit them in the hospital and bring them flowers. They are upset when we don't show up, they are worried when we are sick or when I get in 17 car accidents a year. They meet our new pets, judge our girlfriends, and give us unsolicited hair advice.

This book is a story of inter-generational friendship. I'm sorry to get sappy and saccharine, but that's what this project is.

To be honest, I would make the book with or without a Kickstarter. There is just no fucking way I would let the seniors at the Marie Smith Center down. They have been generous enough to lend us their time and their stories, and Miss Bee was nice enough to let us videotape her.

Now I write to ask if you, reader, will consider donating or being generous with them. We have just a few hours left until our Kickstarter goal, and we would appreciate your pre-order or contribution to the project greatly. I believe that a book, a real life giant book, will take the hint of pride and validation our tiny zine has given them, and put it through the roof.

Six and a half years later, Marc Parker and I still attend the Marie Smith Center every Friday. We do it for free*, we do it for fun. We get as much out of it as the participants, truthfully more.

Thank you for taking a glimpse into our time there by reading this letter, and for considering our Kickstarter and our project. We hope you will contribute, pre-order a copy, and enjoy the musings of North Portland's elder population, as told by two street toughs (i.e. 30-something zinesters).

Have a nice Monday!
I tell it like it T-I-Z!
Nicole J. Georges

*We have only just revealed to the participants this past year that we come there as volunteers, not as staff or from any organization. They were surprised, and now they sometimes bark "You getting paid yet?".
To be transparent with you, we did get small artist fees from the project this year through a grant from The Regional Arts and Culture Council, after which we started attending the center 2-3 times a week instead of just once , and meeting weekly to assemble, edit and assemble the book. There, now you know everything!

P.s. Some of the brilliant , generous, and compassionate individuals who have volunteered with our project, contributed, or worked at the center are listed below:

Lisa Nims, Cecca Wrobel, Diane Gasperin, Meg Storey

p.p.s. Something I just remembered that I get out of this project: It helps me appreciate my youth, and it puts things into perspective. When my friends in their thirties complain about being "old", or go to bed too early, or think they'll never find someone, it helps me to remember and remind them that life is so long, and that we need to appreciate every moment. Appreciate the opportunities that we have as young, able-bodied people. It's really important. I am reminded of this often by my friends who have lived for so much longer and who are so appreciative of every second they've been given on this beautiful Earth.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Senior Citizens Tell It Like It Tiz' & we just Kickstart it !

Hello, humans!

My friend Marc Parker and I have been visiting senior citizens in North Portland once a week, every week, for six and a half years. FOR FREE! For Fun!
We like them, they like/tolerate us, and we make a zine about them. The zine is called Tell It Like It Tiz', and it is made up of their stories, interviews, advice, art, and comics Marc and I have drawn about the our day to day interactions at the senior center.

After all this time, we've decided to make a book.
This project is supported by the Regional Art & Culture Council (RACC), which is lovely, validating, and so exciting, but now we seek YOUR support.
We need to raise $5000 to print & promote the book. If we exceed our goal, we will take it on the road to senior centers and libraries. 
If you have any interest in this project, or would like to pre-order the book, please do so via our Kickstarter.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Art Lessons!

Hello! I am offering personal art lessons for students ages 8 & up through the summer.
If you know a young person who'd like to draw comics, animals, or have a personal self-publishing tutor, email me up! I have over a decade of experience in teaching all ages, from 7 year olds to the elderly.
Let me help you make a comic book, a pet portrait, or the art show of your dreams!


New Dog, New Things.

Hello, reader friends. The last time I posted here, I was feeling so blue about losing Beija Georges. Losing Wishbone was no small feat, but B.G. leaving was just horrible.
I raised her and protected her for fifteen years, and in turn she raised and protected me.

 I realized the other week that I may never ever get over Beija Georges. Like ever ever.

And then I met this new animal, by chance. 
A chihuahua/shiba-inu whom I have adopted and named Ponyo, also known as Paw Paw.
She is a gentle and kind little fox with no personality defects to speak of.
She likes fetching, meeting new people, and being scratched under the collar.
She also happens to be a quick study at the art of the afternoon nap, which is an important quality in a young dog.
I hope you get to meet her. In drawings, at least.

Thank you for your ongoing support through this time, and thank you for your kind cards of condolence. They are all read and appreciated.


p.s. I am working on drawing my yearly diary comic RIGHT NOW.

p.p.s. I will be posting a Kickstarter to fund my senior citizen zine-turned-book Tell It Like It Tiz soon. I will post it here. Or you can see our tumblr here.

p.p.s.s. In the meantime, somebody used the name "Invincible Summer" for an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their love. No relation.

p.p.s.s.s. I will be at the Portland Zine Symposium this year.

p.p.s.s.s.s. I have so many comics floating around. I will surely be putting out a zine or SOMETHING very soon.

p.p.s.s.s.s.s. Thank you to everyone who BRIBED me to be in the 2013 diary comic.

p.p.s.s.s.s.s.s. I will have a few summer slots available for pet portraits and commissions. Contact me for details.

Friday, April 12, 2013

BIG NEWS:Fellowship at CCS

Hello hello, readers and friends and foes,

I have something new that I am honored and thrilledto report:
I have been appointed as The 2013/14 Fellow at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont!

Next school year, I will pack up my polyester dresses and head to White River Junction for a snowy year of drawing.

BUT- You know I will return to Portland.
Because this is where I live. It is my home.
So what I'm saying is, don't worry- Clutch McBastard and I will be reunited sooner than you know it.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Missing Beija Georges

Dear Readers, strangers and friends,

It has been a very busy two months (with touring and everything) , and now that I am home the loss of the dogs is hitting hard.
If you have a request, or an order, and it takes me a little while to respond, please understand.
And if you are someone who generously donated when Beija had cancer this fall, thank you again so very much. We appreciated the extra time together.

Take care,

LISTEN TO ME on my favorite podcasts.

Greetings, people of Earth. I write to you from slate-skied Portland, Oregon, where I am home from tour and absorbing the feeling of being in a dogless home for the first time in my adult life. It is heavy. 
Now that I have bummed you out, let me offer you a few things that I've done lately:

1. I was on my favorite podcast, "How Was Your Week" with Julie Klausner. 
You can listen to it here, or on iTunes.

2. I was on my other favorite podcast, Porchlight. I performed live at the Verdi Club with Michael Ian Black, April Richardson & Dave Hill  during SF Sketchfest, and while M.I.B. is not on the podcast, you have to just take my word for it. What a thrill! 
Here is the Libsyn link and the iTunes link to listen to the podcast.

you can listen to me on Livewire! radio on OPB, with guests The Dandy Warhols and basketball player Bryan Grant, who got a standing ovation in the theater. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My 12 Hour Comic for 24 Hour Comic Day 2013.

Click to read!
I'm sorry if it is at all awkward or weird to cycle through these.
I am almost stubbornly un-web-comic-y.
I'm trying to deal with that.

Two Upcoming Events: Livewire! Radio & Sister Spit

NJG on LiveWire! Radio
with The Dandy Warhols & Ron Funches
at the Alberta Rose Theatre
Saturday, March 30 , 7:30 p.m.

NJG with Sister Spit
with Michelle Tea, Cristy Road, Ali Liebegott & More!
at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
Sunday, April 7th, 8 p.m.

Home again & Lil' BUB

Hello, reader friends!
I am home from tour now. All you need to know about tour is that I love Cassie J. Sneider, I visited the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, and I met Lil BUB.

Thank you to everyone who came out, who let me draw a dog in your books, and who helped organize our events. We are truly truly grateful.
Take care,

p.s. I am providing you with our tour diary videos for your viewing satisfaction. Including a video brawl between Cassie J. Sneider and Graham, the puppet from Montreal.

p.p.s. If you want to see the Graham/Cassie drama, watch video #3, then the following rebuttal videos.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tour Photo Album, Part 1

From the top: Asheville, Asheville, Baltimore, LA

Friday, February 22, 2013

On Book Tour- Come See Us!

February 24- Philadelphia, PA @ The Wooden Shoe February 25- South Hadley, MA @ The Odyssey Bookshop February 26- Montreal @ CoOp Bookstore w/ special guests GRAHAM AND DIANE!!!!!! February 27- Burlington, VT @ Phoenix Books February 28- White River Junction, VT Nicole at The Center for Cartoon Studies March 2- Belmont, MA @ Belmont Public Library 3 p.m. -Memory Comics Workshop with Nicole March 2- Boston, Massachusetts @ 7p.m. Hub Comics w/ special Guest LIZ PRINCE March 3- Providence, RI @ Carpenter St. w/ Special Guests Olivia Horvath & Joe DeGeorge as In Glove With Bach March 4- Easton, MA @ Ames Free Library March 4- Worcester, MA @ Dirty Gerund at Rockin’ Ralph’s Diner March 5- Boston, MA @ Simmons College 5 p.m. (location TBA) March 6- Oberlin, Ohio @ Oberlin College (location TBA) March 7- Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University March 8- Bloomington, Indiana at Boxcar Books March 9- Nicole at Chicago Zine Fest (find me at Dave Roche’s table) March 10-Nicole at Chicago Zine Fest March 10- Cassie at THE LAKE RONKONKOMA ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE and karaoke afterparty!! March 12- New York, @ Bluestockings w/ special guest CAROLINE PAQUITA March 13-Brooklyn, NY@ Brooklyn Public Library March 14- New Paltz, NY Artist Lecture & Reading @ SUNY Sojourner Truth Library March 14- New Paltz, NY Reading & Zine Party @ Inquiring Minds w/ Special Guests Kate Larson & Jacinta Bunnell! March 15-Holbrook, NY @ Sachem Public Library

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye to Beija Georges

Hi everyone. Despite our best efforts, we lost Beija Georges this Tuesday, February 12th. There's really nothing I can say right now to properly express the loss.

And at the same time I am about to leave home on a month-long book tour.
Anyway, I'll see you out there (tour dates to the right, and at If you have a condolence card or would like to say something nice, you can send them to my PO Box:
PO Box 12763 Portland, OR 97212
Or make a donation in her name to Farm Sanctuary.
Take care, and hug your pets.

Monday, January 28, 2013

THIS WEEK! Seattle & Olympia.

OLYMPIA- 1/31/13- with Aron Nels Steinke at the Olympia Timberland Library. 7:30 p.m.