Invincible Summer

by NJG

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Way Of The Paw

I've started doing a canine comic for a digital dog magazine by Nomad Editions .
It's not out yet, but in the meantime I asked a group of middle schoolers what I should name my new comic.
Here are their ideas:

One Dog Too Many
Four Legged Masterpieces
A Dog's Bark
Barked Up The Wrong Tree
Dog Days
In the Eyes of a Dog
A Dog Goes To Space
It's a Dog Eat Dog World
Hot Dog
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, So Many Dogs So Little Time
Man's Best Friend Or Not
Doggy Days
The World of Dogs
The Eastern Paw
The Way of the Paw
Tuesday Treats
The Reel World Of Dogs
The Reanimation
Man's Best Friend
Doggy Dish
It's a Dog Thing

I also received a verbal (true) story about a dog who got shot, was put in a dog morgue freezer, and who then wagged his tail & was actually alive.

If only I could make a different comic to go with each of their ideas!

I ended up going with something totally different,
and as of now the comic will be called Muttley Crew.

Here is a sketch of one that didn't make the cut:

In other news,
We didn't get beamed up to outer space yesterday during the Rapture!
Woo hoo! I did have a dream that I turned into crystally glass bits with the rest of the planet during the rapture and it felt GREAT.

I am in the last weeks of finishing my book (again), so forgive my poor penpalship, bloggership, friendship, etc.

Take care, Reader friends!